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VDS Entertainment Pvt Ltd

VDS is an entertainment company specializing in audiovisual products, audio production, and graphic animation for the creative industry. We make sure that our creative inspiration meets technological innovation. We are equipped with most modern technologies in the market such as video editing, color correction, recording, sound editing, mixing, mastering, graphics and development of multimedia products. Designers, editors, directors, engineers, operators, and technicians develop products and solutions with highly creative content. VDS is a dream of our founder in the field of media.

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Vedant Shukla

Having studied English Literature and Film Making, Vedant has a keen interest in storytelling. He is intensely observant and absorbs everything he sees and hear. His passion for film making has led him to start his own production house.

Vedant’s father has been an inspiration for him to embark upon the journey of film making. As a child, he used to go with his father to various drama and film festivals that made him eager to dive deep into the art of storytelling. When he gets an idea, he puts through a series of steps designed to improve it. He thinks in new direction with each new film. He explores the art of film making to convey his stories, experiences and observations.

His family’s roots are in the education system and they run the Vishvabharti Group of Schools and Colleges across Ahmedabad. Vedant encourages students of Vishvabharti School to read, write and convey a story through film. His ideas and interest offer hidden key to these students and lead them on a path of success.

Vedantd Shukla
Kathan Shukla
Founder & Managing Director

Kathan Shukla

Kathan Shukla is a faculty member at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. In addition to his academic work, Kathan is a passionate storyteller. He writes stories and screenplays that focus on a wide range of human emotions and character journeys. Kathan’s strength is developing multilayered dramas and stories with profound subtexts. Currently, he is working on VDS Entertainment’s first web-series project.